Our story behind the stage


To be the leading handmade crafts producer of highest quality using recyclable materials in providing Employment to Kibra and the country’s youth by 2020.


We intend to provide our customers with the high quality handmade craft products by providing them with a variety that best suits their taste and preference

The Name

The name Victorious Crafts Group came from th belief that the members of the group wanted to have victory over poverty, environmental degradation and other bad things happening in their communities.


Victorious Craft is youth owned, youth led and youth managed group that was formed in 2006 by three young men out of the need for job creation amongst the unemployed youth in the Kibera Slums. It’s a registered business and also the group registered with the Government of Kenya under the Ministry of Gender and Social Services in 2015.

What we do

To attempt address the issues of environmental pollution, the group saw an opportunity to use waste bones sourced from butcheries and slaughter houses, to make bone products such as
necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair clips, bowls, salad spoons, tea spoons and others. The products are made by youth who are trained, free of charge, on how to make and assemble the bone products from raw bones.

Who we are

The workforce is Inclusive of young men and women from Kibra villages, therefore enabling the group to make awareness on the importance of responsible waste management and to address issues of sustainable environment management. Our products have a wide market that include the local community, wholesalers buying to sell to various markets in the country, apparently some who buy to sell to international markets.header-image-kibera-1024x746