Victorious Crafts Group Artists Turns Bones Into Fashion and Money

Nairobi РJob creation is one of the biggest challenges facing Kenya, the unemployment rate is around 40% and young people are the hardest hit. Entrepreneur Jack Nyawanga in Nairobi is showing Kenyans they can find work in the most unlikely places. The innovator established a business with a peculiar focus on art. He secured a factory in Kibera with two friends and started used discarded bones to make trinkets.

These days he provides work for more than 40 people to make what tourists take home as souvenirs. “We get the bones from the slaughter house. We cut them into shape, then we take them to the rough polish, then a soft polish, then we clean and dry them, and paint or decorate, then finally we assemble them into final product,’ said Nyawanga, owner of Victorous Bones. The production process varies between a quick 30-minute process to a rather lengthy five days in some cases. And demand is growing.¬†They’re popular among locals particularly at Nairobi’s famed Maasai market.

For the people of Kibera, it’s a rare but much-needed success story. The company also provides free training to youths, and work for HIV-positive women. Nyawanga says he’s only just begun trying to achieve his dream – to create jobs.

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